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    Centenary of Indian Cinema – Revisiting the Indian Classics.      Logo of Prabhat (the symbol of quality)   Prabhat Film Company, which had its glorious days in the 1930s and 40s, has given the world of cinema … Read more

             Movie theatres in the city of Bombay – cinema’s birthplace, are written on the wall – ironically, walls plastered over with film posters.  The threat is clear by the fact that over the last … Read more

Mani Kaul has been one of the few directors who really mattered for the New Cinema of this country. When he went back to the ancient representational forms and to the linguistics of the early grammarians from India, this was … Read more

  The dramatic technological developments in cinema and digital distribution today pose new challenges to the Film Society Movement, and unless far-reaching measures are taken to arrest the deterioration, the Movement’s downward spiral will not be stalled. It is important, … Read more

                                                                                … Read more

                            Directors are invariably fascinated by mythologies, historical events and characters. These stories may be stereotyped, familiar to the majority, but if the presentation is excellent, these … Read more

1949. The century was reaching mid way though the Indian cinema was slightly older than that. Then a little wonder happened. A honey sweet, girlish voice haunted the sub-continent: Aaye gaa, aaye gaa, aane walaa….. As the movie opened in … Read more

संगीतकार हमेशा कल्पना की दुनिया में खोये रहते है | मन में हमेशा धुनें ही घुमती मचलती रहती है| जिस तरह “मेला” फिल्म में “धरती को आकाश पुकारे” इस गीत की धुन संगीतकार नौशाद को सपने में सूझी ऐसा कहा … Read more


Date : 01/01/1970

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Appeal to Public Books On Indian Cinema

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  • Dated 8th NovemberAppeal - from DEEP FOCUS
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  • Dated 16th SeptemberFilm Poster Exhibition at Ranchi
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  • Dated 18th JulyKing of Romance Rajesh Khanna Pases Away
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  • Dated 10th JulyFirst-ever Buddhist Film Festival in Pune
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